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Eternity Admin!!! The designer’s choice. This template is the perfect way to design a website with hundreds of possible features and plugins required while designing/developing a Website. It gives you different layouts and plugins to design a dashboard or a webform. Based on Jquery, the interface is light,responsive and ready to use. Eternity Admin provides custom layouts, error pages and themes to be used with your website. One of the main features of Eternity Admin is that it is compatible with all browsers. With more than 100 different buttons styles and grid layouts, this template becomes even more powerful.

Eternity Admin provides also provides an admin template with features such as Left Menu and more. The tool can also be used to create web features such as Calendars, Contact Lists, HTML Player and wizards. The mobile version of Eternity Admin is also available which is also compatible with different mobile web browsers. The template also provides an image gallery with latest graphics.

Eternity Admin’s left menu template is available with different features such as expandable menu controls, search capability. One can also extract templates for google maps and different notifications.
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Eternity Admin

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